Quality Comparison: Person Entities

This overview shows the quality improvements that have been made to the person entities in the IISG Knowledge Graph.

The first diagram shows the data prior to making the quality improvements (2017 version). As shown in the diagram, there are many persons with more than one identifier. The person identifiers are collected per combination of person name, title, and ‘word & dates’ property. The diagram only shows the persons with the largest number of works attributed to them.

The second diagram shows the data after quality improvements have been made (version 2018-09). A value of 1 for number_of_occurrences (red line) means that there are no duplicates for the corresponding person (displayed on the horizontal axis). While there are still some duplicates left, very many duplicates have been resolved.

The following table enumerates persons that still have multiple identifiers in the latest version of the data (2018-09).