The distribution of political power in Amsterdam in the second half of the 19th century

In 1986, Boudien de Vries published her thesis Electoraat en Elite on the 19th century Amsterdam elite who were entitled to vote. Her data management skills were beyond state of the art, as she published her data with codebook and even deposited in DANS, the national data repository. For our study, we will be using her data again in two ways. For one, we want to answer the question of whether the elite were living in the area which mainly coincides with the parts of Amsterdam where the more poshly spoken Amsterdam language resides. In order to do so, we again bring the data of Boudien de Vries (and other datasets) to the frontier of data wrangling, by offering here data as Linked Open Data.

One of the first things to sort out in this study is the geographical location of residence of the Elite. The image below paints this picture. This is now possible because both the data from Boudien de Vries and the data from HISGIS providing accurate address level locations are both available as Linked Open Data.