Quality Indicator 1: Dates & Times

Datatype overview: date of publication/manufacturing

The following pie charts give an overview of the datatype compatibility for the properties iisg:dateOfPublication and iisg:dateOfManufacturing. They quantify the number of literals for each datatype IRI. The Figure 1 shows the results for the 2019 version of the IISG Knowledge Graph, while Figure 2 shows the results for live current version.

Figure 1 ― The different date of publication datatypes (in current version).
Figure 2 ― The different date of publication datatypes (2017 version).

Uninterpretable dates: date of publication

The Figure 3 shows the 100 most common string values for the predicate iisg:dateOfPublication. The diagram shows that cleaning only the 10 most common strings will significantly improve the data quality of this property.

Figure 3 ― Misconfigured datatypes on publications with "z.j." on top.